2-3 Crown Court, Market Place, Oundle, PE8 4BQ 01832 273366


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    Ultimate dining experience like no others Only Here at Dexters Oundle
    Dexters Oundle is run by Marina and Adrian who have partnered up to give you the ultimate Mediterranean dining experience, right in the heart of Oundle. Adrian is an experienced chef, working in Mediterranean kitchens for over twenty years, with rapidly growing clientele. Marina and Adrian have designed a diverse menu, catering for all pallets, offering their favourite dishes from around the world. So sit back, relax and let the staff at Dexters transport you to the Mediterranean, right here on your doorstep; Dexters Oundle.

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    Dexters Oundle Mediterranean
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      WhereWe Are Located

      Dexters Oundle
      2-3 Crown Court, Oundle,
      Northamptonshire, PE8 4BQ United Kingdom

      01832 273366